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Our mission is to develop sustainable insect proteins which have both growth and antimicrobial properties, thereby, reducing the need for antibiotics usage to protect the shrimps from disease.

Our process of developing the BSF larvae is to use indigestible agri waste which cannot be eaten by any animal because of its complex cellular structure. This waste currently is either burnt or dumped in landfills, adding to both carbon and methane emissions.

The inclusion of the BSF larvae in the shrimp feed reduces the need for fishmeal, which in turn reduces the dependency on the wild catch that is taken from the oceans.

Through cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, we strive to provide high-quality protein for aquaculture and animals, leveraging the power of nature to meet the nutritional needs of a growing population.

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Our Impact

UltraNutri is at the forefront of developing novel solutions to tackle the challenge of sustainable protein production. Our core focus lies in the development of an affordable feed for rearing of black soldier fly larvae utilizing noncompeting agricultural waste, such as sugarcane bagasse, rice and wheat stem, corncobs, etc. In India alone, 350 million tonnes of agricultural waste are generated each year, posing significant environmental concerns, as this waste adds to both carbon and methane release.

Our proprietary processes convert this agri waste into a product that is digestible by the BSF larvae in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Insect Farming

Through innovative research and dedication, we have achieved a significant breakthrough in utilizing Black Soldier Fly (BSF) to convert indigestible waste into shrimp feed with disease control and growth properties. This revolutionary approach has the potential to transform shrimp farming in India, the world's second-largest exporter of farmed shrimp, by significantly reducing shrimp losses due to infectious diseases and enhancing overall shrimp production.

The aquaculture industry, responsible for feeding over 4.5 billion people, heavily relies on fishmeal obtained from wild catch fish. However, the increasing demand for fishmeal is projected to leave a significant output gap of 50 million tonnes in aquaculture by 2050. UltraNutri's innovative use of BSF as a sustainable protein source presents a transformative solution to address these supply constraints and ensure a stable protein supply for the growing global population.

Supply Chain

UltraNutri's breakthrough discovery has the potential to revolutionize shrimp farming in India. With shrimp losses due to infectious diseases estimated to exceed $1 billion, our cutting-edge technology offers a solution to significantly reduce losses and improve overall shrimp production. By providing disease control and growth properties through our BSF-derived shrimp feed, we aim to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

Shrimp Feed


In India, a primary challenge has been the availability of auditable and affordable feedstock for BSF to grow. UltraNutri's team of scientists has developed breakthrough methods to render complex, inedible agricultural waste, such as sugarcane bagasse, rice stem, and corn cobs, into edible protein for insect production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal. This innovative approach not only tackles waste management challenges but also provides a sustainable solution to meet the increasing demand for protein-rich feeds.

Overcoming Feedstock Challenges

Addressing Climate Change

Replacing fishmeal with insect meal not only promotes sustainability in marine ecological systems but also addresses the challenge of climate change. Burning non-digestible plant biomass results in significantly higher carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. UltraNutri's technology offers a scalable, science-driven solution to tackle both climate change and sustainable aquaculture. By providing a circular economy solution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, UltraNutri is driving the industry toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.



Key R&D Partnerships

At UltraNutri, we believe in the power of collaboration. We have established crucial research and development partnerships with the Central Institute for Brackish Water Aquaculture (CIBA) and The Waterbase Ltd, a leading aqua and feed manufacturer. These partnerships enhance the development and adoption of alternative protein sources and modified fatty acid profiles for larvae. The collaboration with industry-leading organizations showcases UltraNutri's commitment to driving innovation and making a significant impact in the aquaculture sector.

UltraNutri is incubated at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (CCAMP),Department of Biotechnology, India's leading Biotech incubator. The startup has successfully raised an undisclosed Seed Round from CCAMP, Featherlite Group, and prominent individuals in the biotech and industry sectors. This funding will fuel the company's continued research and development efforts, increase production capacity, and conduct large-scale field trials. UltraNutri's partnerships and funding demonstrate the recognition of its potential to revolutionize the protein industry and drive sustainable growth.

Incubation and Funding

To ensure the scalability and efficiency of our insect farming technology, UltraNutri has constructed a pilot "Insect Factory" at Hoskote, Bangalore. Within this facility, we fine-tune our processes and produce test quantities required for field trials. The pilot facility represents an important step towards achieving UltraNutri's vision of scalable and efficient insect farming, making it a key player in the global protein industry.

Pilot "Insect Factory"


Our team

At UltraNutri, our success is driven by a dynamic team of accomplished professionals with a cumulative 150+ years of experience in the biosciences space. Our scientific advisory board, comprising renowned experts in the biotech field, ensures scientific rigor and excellence. Meanwhile, our commercial advisory board consists of seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven track record of building successful companies. Together, they provide invaluable guidance as we navigate the complex landscape of sustainable protein production. Our executive team brings a wealth of experience from world-class institutions and companies, further solidifying UltraNutri's position as a trailblazer in the protein industry.

Rajesh Bhan

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Scientific Officer

Nitish Sathyanarayanan

Matheen Sait

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Varsha Natarajan

Senior Scientist

Senior Scientist

Dr. Amit Dinda

Anees Sharif

Biotech Engineer

Dr. Anand Anandkumar

Founder & CEO Bugworks

Founder & CEO Eyestem

Dr. Jogin Desai

Director of Future Seafood Asia Limited

Shivram Warrior

Ashok Vohra

Prof. Ramaswamy Subramanian


Purdue University

University of South Florida

Prof. Robert Deschens

Our Board

Nitish Sathyanarayanan

Chief Scientific Officer, UltraNutri

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We welcome the opportunity to engage with potential partners, investors, and stakeholders who share our vision for a sustainable protein future. Please reach out to us for further information, collaboration, or investment opportunities.

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